Automatically push master branch code to demo server

I have two VPSs (Virtual Private Server).

One is used as a version control repository. It runs both Gitolite and Fossil.

The second is a "normal" LAMP server. I want to use that to demonstrate the code I have created and have pushed to the version control server. But I only want that code to get run on this server if it is in the master branch of the repository of the project I am working on.

This post will explain how setup the demo server to automate the creation and setup of a new website and then connect the version control server to the demo server so it will automatically update the code running on the demo server when code is checked into the master branch of the repository.

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Working with Multiple SSH Keys

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If you have more than two accounts on GitHub, you have noticed that it will not let you use the same SSH key for different accounts. This is how you fix that.

  • Create a new key with a different name
  • Upload the new key to the service or server
  • Create an entry for the Host in .ssh/config
  • Update the .git/config file to use the identity in the .ssh/config file.

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Rename file extensions from the command line

The default file extension for a post or story in Nikola is .txt and this is also the designator that you are creating the content using Restructured Text.

That's fine except most text editors recognize the extension of the file and will present you with "options" based on that. With txt, there aren't really any helper tools.

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Check if php-curl is installed and running

Create a new file in the webroot directory and insert the following code:

  echo '<pre>';
  echo '</pre>';

Drupal Cron problems and potential fix

If cron keeps getting hung up and/or timing out:

From: Solving cron problems

drush vdel cron_semaphore drush vdel cron_last

Is one idea. Also look at the rest of the post above for more information.

Drush - Multisite sub-site won't bootstrap

If the setup is using an alias in .bashrc, update the alias to this:

alias drush='php -c /home/<userid>/drush/drush.ini /home/<userid>/drush/drush.php --php="php -c /home/<userid>/drush/drush.ini"'

Update the information at <userid>.

Acquia DevCloud - Local development environment setup

Acquia Dev Cloud provides Drupal-optimized hosting with professional administration tools. It includes three environments for staged deployment and can be managed through multiple interfaces.

This will show you how to set up your local development environment to work with DevCloud.

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